Stock News Now



Redesigning a trusted financial publication’s visual personality for the digital age.


SNN, Incorporated has been in business for over a decade, successfully publishing the MicroCap Review magazine and running But the influx of new financial blogs and websites popping up, Stock News Now started to get lost amongst its competition. Many of these websites get their content from the same sources, so design becomes the main tool for differentiation.


I refreshed the Stock News Now branding by updating the company’s logo and redesigning their flagship website. Since working with me, SNN has grown its brand from online media to annual conventions, weekly podcasts, and more.



  • Branding & Logo
  • Website
  • Flyers & Printed Ads
  • Illustration
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Social Media Presence
  • Trade Show Booth
  • Podcast Cover
  • Email Newsletter